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NumWorks Guide

Everything to take control of your calculator

Custom OS?

Custom OSes are software modifications for the NumWorks. They allow you to do anything that the NumWorks is physically capable of doing, rather than being limited by whatever NumWorks allows you to do.

Popular uses for custom OS include:

  • Running homebrew software and games made for or ported to the NumWorks
  • Installing apps like emulators
  • Installing KhiCAS, a very powerful Computer Algebra Software
  • Installing other custom OS, like Omega or Upsilon

What does this guide contain?

This guide will explain how to:

  • Unlock your calculator if you need to
  • Install a custom OS on your calculator
  • Install a custom bootloader

What do I need to know before starting?

  • The techniques described in this guide are pretty much in their early stages. We are not responsible for anything that goes wrong with your device. There is a slight chance that you might brick it.
  • This guide is compatible with every retail device in the NumWorks family of calculators.