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You need an unlocked calculator. To unlock it go here

This page will explain how to install Upsilon, assuming you have an unlocked calculator

What you need

  • A PC with a chromium based browser (we recommend using chromium directly)
  • An unlocked Numworks calculator

Section I - Prepare recovery mode

if your model is n0110, enter recovery mode by holding “6” and pressing “reset” if your model is n0100, enter recovery mode by plugging your calculator and pressing reset

Section II - Install Upsilon

  1. Open Upsilon website
  2. Click “Recovery” and select “STM32 BOOTLOADER”
  3. Wait a bit until the calculator shows “Recovery Mode” on the screen
  4. If the calculator doesn’t get automatically connected, click “Connect” and select “Numworks Calculator”
  5. Select your settings like the theme. For the slot, if you don’t know which one to choose, select “A”
  6. Now you can click “Install Upsilon” and in a few seconds Upsilon should be installed on your calculator.

Upsilon tends to crash when you start it and the calculator is connected to a PC. Disconnect it before starting

Section III - How to use your new calculator (not for n0100)

There are new features to your calculator now, you need to know them There is a new “Slot” system. Your calculator has 2 slots and can store 2 firmwares, they can’t run at the same time but by using reset you can switch between them. You now have a menu on boot, it allows you do to a lot. You can acces it just by pressing “reset”.

In this menu you can:

  • Choose your slot. There are 3, 2 of them can recieve a standard firmware, you can select them by pressing 1 for Slot A or 3 for Slot B. The 3rd, selected by pressing 2, is meant for very specific use cases, most people don’t need it.
  • Open Install mode. There are 2 modes: Flash Slots, that allows you to safely install any other firmware on your calculator, and Flash Bootloader, that allows you to update the bootloader by getting you to recovery mode (it may not work, to access recovery mode you can still use 6 + reset)

Also note that once plugged into the PC, (unless in recovery mode) your calculator will be named “Upsilon Calculator” or “Upsilon Bootloader” instead of “NumWorks Calculator”.

Section IV - How to update ?

To update Upsilon, open Install Mode and Flash Slots (see above how to), plug your calculator in your PC, go to the Upsilon website, and install it normally.

To update the bootloader, access recovery mode by pressing reset while holding 6, plug the calculator in your PC, go to the Upsilon website, connect your calculator in Recovery mode and install Upsilon this way.

Optional features

Now that Upsilon is installed, there are a few steps you can take:

External apps (not for n0100)

Upsilon support external apps, there are a few but they are useful. Here is how to install them:

  1. Open External apps page
  2. Select the apps you want to install
  3. Add any file you may need to use with your apps
  4. Add a wallpaper if you want
  5. Click install

Installing Epsilon (not for n0100)

You can install Epsilon on the bootloader without locking the calculator.

See Install Epsilon from softloader

Create your own version

Upsilon is open-source, you can get the code and use it however you want. You will find everything on Upsilon’s github repo


You now have Upsilon installed on your calculator. You can add python scripts in the same way as before from Numworks’ workshop