Now What (Phi) ?

For support in English, ask for help on the Omega Discord.

You now have multiple choices. You can:

  • Install a custom bootloader and continue using Epsilon >= 16
  • Install a custom firmware

Choice I - Install a custom bootloader

If you wish to continue using Epsilon >= 16 while still being able to install a custom firmware, you can install a custom bootloader :

  1. Press 3
  2. Press OK to confirm
  3. You should see something like this : Phi launch screen

The “Write flash” stage can take a bit of time. You’ll be put back on the main menu after a second, when the flashing is done.

Press 4, then OK. You should now boot back into Epsilon.

If you don’t boot back into Epsilon, please join the Omega Discord and ask for help.

Continue to Final checks

Choice II - Install a CFW

Go to choose a CFW