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Pre-Installation FAQ

Q: Will this guide void my warranty ? A: No, at least not in europe. This is a software modification, if Numworks refuses you a legitimate warranty claim after that, sue the fuck out of them.

Q: How risky is jailbreaking my Numworks?
A: Full on hardware bricks are quasi-impossible. The worst you can ges is a calculator with write protection enabled with an empty flash, which can always be solved with a hardware mod, but the chance of having that kind of issue is very very unlikely.

Q: Can I do this without a computer (e.g. an Android phone)?
A: All you need is a device capable of running a web browser supporting WebUSB. Android phones can be used with an USB OTG cable.

Post-Installation FAQ

Q: Is it safe to update Epsilon while having Phi installed ? A: At the moment, Numworks’ installer doesn’t check for modded bootloaders, neither does Epsilon, so yes.

To update Epsilon after installing the Phi bootloader, you can just hold 4 while pressing reset to access the softloader and flash the external.bin of which version you want with WebDFU. We won’t be providing links to any versions on this site since Epsilon is now proprietary. You shouldn’t use Numworks’ site to update.