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Pre-Installation FAQ

Q: Will this guide void my warranty ? A: No, at least not in europe. This is a software modification, if Numworks refuses you a legitimate warranty claim after that, sue the fuck out of them.

Q: How risky is jailbreaking my Numworks?
A: Full on hardware bricks are quasi-impossible. The worst you can ges is a calculator with write protection enabled with an empty flash, which can always be solved with a hardware mod, but the chance of having that kind of issue is very very unlikely.

Q: Can I do this without a computer (e.g. an Android phone)?
A: All you need is a device capable of running a web browser supporting WebUSB. Android phones can be used with an USB OTG cable.

Post-Installation FAQ

Q: Is it safe to update Epsilon while having Phi installed ? A: At the moment, Numworks’ installer doesn’t check for modded bootloaders, neither does Epsilon, so yes.

To update Epsilon after installing the Phi bootloader, you can just hold 4 while pressing reset to access the softloader and go on Numworks’ website. From there, just update Epsilon normally.