Downgrading to 18.2.0

For support in English, ask for help on the Omega Discord.

Required Reading

We will now downgrade to Epsilon 18.2.0

What You Need

  • A chromium-based browser (we recommend using chromium directly)
  • Epsilon 18.2.0 18-2-0.dfu (since Numworks deleted this file from their website because of Phi, we cannot give you a link here)
  • This python script: Linux and macOS version, Windows version

Section I - Extracting the external binary

Since Epsilon is now proprietary, we can’t distribute the external flash image directly. We thus have to make you extract it.

  1. Install python on your platform
  2. Download Epsilon 18.2.0
  3. Create a new folder
  4. Put the python script in that folder
  5. Put 18-2-0.dfu in that folder
  6. Run the script

You should now have an internal.bin and an external.bin file

Section II - Downgrade

  1. Open WebDFU in a chromium-based browser
  2. Hold the 6 key on your numworks and press the reset button
  3. You should now see the Epsilon bootloader interface
  4. Select external.bin in WebDFU
  5. Click “flash external”
  6. Once flashing is done, press the reset button on your Numworks

You should now see version 18.2.0 in Settings > About.

If it is not the case or your Numworks doesn’t boot, please join the Omega Discord.

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